Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cure's For Cancer Naturally?

Cancer cured with nature: Part 1

This is a personal subject with me and I am sure with so many people today being rampaged with cancer that anyone can relate to this subject. Recently I became interested in finding ways to prevent or treat cancer naturally. I think God has given us the keys and we just have to find them. So far I have found two ways.

Ozone Therapy

The first treatment I found was Ozone Therapy. A friend of mine told me about it and knew of a M.D doctor that was known to do treatments on people for $15-20 in the 1980-90s. This doctor had successfully treated and healed many people of cancer and AIDs with ozone therapy. My friend had witnessed people that could not walk come into the office and walk out while he was waiting to go in. The doctor had healed his son of a disease that traditional doctors were going to perform a risky surgery on all with ozone. Once the FDA found out about this and realized they could not make any money on the doctor performing the ozone treatment the FDA told her to stop doing the treatments.

Long story short they went to court. The doctor was not practicing for money and she was doing treatments on people because she loved to help heal people. This caused the doctor to not have enough money to fight in court. Although, there were allot of people she healed that were ready to take the stand and fight for the doctor. The court did not want to hear anyone and told the doctor to stop doing treatments or they would take the license away. The doctor knew the power of what they were doing, and could not stop.

This forced the doctor to move to India were they were featured in magazines, and did allot of good things with ozone.

How does it work?

A simple understanding that I was given is that your body uses cells with oxygen and sugar for energy. A normal balance of these within the cells are maybe 80% oxygen and 20% sugar. As the air we breath gets more polluted, the more nutrients we lose in our food, and the less exercise we get the oxygen level of the cell goes down. You guessed it and the sugar level goes up! This is breeding ground for disease and cancer. Ozone gets the body's cells oxygen level back up to normal.

Ozone is a toxic gas if someone were to breath it in, but there are 24 other ways to safely enter the body:

At home / In a clinic
1. in the ear 13. direct intravenous injection
2. vaginal insufflation 14. autohemotherapy
3. rectal insufflation 15. intra-arterial injection
4. drinking water 16. direct injection into a tumor
5. cupping with a funnel 17. intracutaneous (blistering)
6. external limb bagging 18. subcutaneous
7. bladder insufflation 19. intramuscular
8. ozonated bath 20. intra-articular
9. breathing through olive oil 21. uterine insufflation
10. steam cabinet 22. subatmospheric bagging
11. ozonated olive oil massage 23. hyperbaric ozone
12. ozonated water enema 24. dental use of ozonated water

With this information I was looking to give ozone a try and see what it would do for me. A friend of mine had purchased a ozone generator from Canada here ( note* you can not buy them in the US) and we started to experiment. I did a series of six treatments in my ears and found all kinds of toxins started to come out of them. This was proof for me that it was doing something.

This makes me wonder... how come there is not one single case of ozone therapy documented that it harmed someone and yet the FDA banned the use of it in the U.S? Makes me wonder if it was the government's heart that decided this or their income statement?

I have also heard recently that the FDA is starting to come around and I think 14 states in the U.S. are allowing doctor's to do treatments if people decided to try it.

I found a article of Saul Pressman's to be a great interest describing further about the history of ozone and generators. In the article Saul states "Ozone was first discovered and named by German scientist Christian Frederick Schonbein in 1840! The first American therapeutic use of ozone was by Dr. John H. Kellogg in ozone steam saunas at his Battle Creek, Michigan sanitarium from 1880, as he wrote in his book, “Diphtheria: Its Nature, Causes, Prevention and Treatment” ".

So this stuff is nothing new and it really makes me question things. One thing I question is with the pharmaceutical industry being one of the most profitable industries in the country.. would they want to allow ozone therapy to steal away all their money? I am keeping a open mind about it and going to do some more research and tests with it. I hope you will do the same.

*Please note I am not a doctor and do not take any of the advice I post as medical advice. I just want to inform people of things I have found and ask you to do your own research, or talk to your doctor about them. Even though many of the doctors in this day of age do not believe in alternative therapy's. Just use your own judgement about your own situation and live well.